About us

Uhh... What's a Phronesys?

Phronesyss BV was founded over 15 years ago by a team of professionals with a vast amount of expertise in the fields of quality, safety, environment, food safety, information security and energy. We used that expertise (and our experience in the field as consultants and auditors) to create a software – supported by mobile apps – that assists other companies to digitally manage their SHEQ processes. By combining an extensive professional expertise, a state-of-the-art tool and a dedicated pool of consultants, Phronesys has become the reference in our field.

The name of our application is derived from the Greek word ‘phronesis’, which can be translated as ‘practical wisdom’. Wondering how to pronounce our name? Just listen to the audio clip.

What's in it for you?


Expertise is always at the heart of all our activities. This way, our customers can rest assured that their management system is always up to their standard!


Digital is the way to go! Every day at Phronesys is about developing digital solutions to help other businesses contribute to a high-quality, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment.


Our team is full of overachievers, and we love to show it! We are constantly giving our best to ensure continuous improvement of our services and the growth of our portfolio.


We deliver what we promise, and you can always count on that. Honesty and transparency are a key element in all our communication and actions.