We develop our applications with the vision that the functionality and user-friendliness for the end user must be central. Therefore, we offer customized software, fully customized to your specific wishes.

We use our own development methodology, focusing on the interaction with the client. Even after the project description, the client will be fully involved in the project and have influence and control over the progress. This will exclude unwanted surprises and you can be sure that you get the system you had in mind and that fully meets your requirements.

Development methodology

Our development methodology has six phases, making it easy for the client, to known where we are in the development process. Because transparency is a high priority to us!

Step 1 - Mapping inventory
The first and probably the most important step in the development process is the inventory phase. In this phase, your requirements and the system requirements are identified. We then plan the project by determining milestones with related deliverables and we will give you a time frame. Based on this time frame, a quote is customized for you.
Step 2 - Functional design
Based on the inventory map, we develop a functional design together with you. At this stage in the development process, we dig deeper into the functional requirements you want from the final result. Moreover, alternative solutions are given and the time frame will be adjusted if necessary.
Step 3 - Technical design
After approving the functional design, we develop a technical design. In this, the technical requirements and decisions are documented.
Step 4 - Development
In this phase, the actual development is started. Based on the technical and functional design, the parts are developed. During this phase, the contact with the client, is still central. You are at all times informed of the progress.
Step 5 - Testing and debugging
In this phase of the development process we intensively test the application together with you and the end user(s). This way, we ensure the functionality of the application. Comments or observations will be taken into account and adjusted if needed.
Step 6 - Deliverance
The final step in our development methodology is the final delivery. This means that we demonstrate the end result to you as a client and finally implement the developments.