Having all customer’s data in a glance makes it easier to anticipate issues, deal with complaints and increase satisfaction.

Strong customer relationships ensure satisfied and loyal customers and guarantee sound management. Thanks to our CRM module, all data are centralised, which guarantees better customer follow-up, a more efficient sales process, and a better cash flow. Moreover you are able to anticipate to any complaints. You also keep track of all your customer communication and tasks.


Create transparancy by consolidating all customer data and activities in one place. Maintain and manage i.a. contact info, customer complaints, results of customer satisfaction surveys, quotations, sales orders, invoices and much more.

Phronesys is a faster, easier, and better way for managing your complete sales process. Instead of using various tools to send quotes, manage sales orders and handle invoicing, you can just use one powerful platform. Impressive proposals and quotes can be created in just a few clicks.

A customer complaint? The CRM module coordinates the allocation, progress and closing automatically. You no longer have to remind your colleagues: Phronesys does that for you. An automated customer satisfaction survey also informs you how satisfied your customer was with the solution.

Signing new customers is more expensive than keeping satisfied customers. Our customer satisfaction module allows you to create a customized satisfaction survey with only a few clicks. You sent it out and analyze the results without extra effort.

Attracting extra customers? No problem! Through our CRM module you can register suspects, create call lists and approach them. Plan appointments immediately in your agenda.

Customers who speak a different language? All communication is automatically in your customer’s native tongue and is traceable at all times.