Document management

Document management

An efficient document management system pays off in the long run

With Phronesys DMS you are in full control of all your documentation.

In the cloud, you and your colleagues can work on documents together. You can review and edit at the same time, track changes, and give each other feedback.
You can also set deadlines for review and validity and search easily for the right document with the full-text search.


Work – together with colleagues – on your documents from anywhere, at any time.  All your digital documents are always accessible in a secure and reliable environment.

Are you tired of comparing documents and looking for changes between versions?

The feature ‘Track changes’ is available in our document management system: you see in a blink of an eye which changes have been made!

Our 4 step automated document workflow: create → review → approve → distribute, assures that documents are accessible for relevant functions.

On document approval, an effective date is set to the document, and previous document revision becomes obsolete.

Have full control of all document revisions and have the latest versions available for relevant stakeholders.

The full-text search allows you to search in the contents of all the documents stored in the document library. So finding the right document becomes a piece of cake!

You can control levels of access via advanced permissions control.