How sustainable are your business operations? Ensure that they are carried out in accordance with your compliance obligations.

Are the significant environmental aspects of your business operations determined? How is soil contamination, water and air pollution through improper operation or an uncontrolled process handled? Environmental complaints due to noise nuisance, odor nuisance, … what control measures do we already have in place? The environmental module provides a flawless online management of all your environmental processes.


You identify the inputs (e.g. raw materials, energy, …) and outputs (e.g. finished products, waste, …) from your activities and then identify the environmental aspects and associated environmental impacts – considering a life cycle perspective – that arise from these inputs, outputs and activities. This should include (where applicable) identification of direct and indirect environmental aspects as well as aspects arising from normal, abnormal or reasonably foreseeable emergency situations. Once the aspects and impacts have been identified, they are prioritised in terms of their environmental impacts to assist in using them for setting environmental objectives and targets.

The process for registering, monitoring and dealing with (external) environmental complaints is monitored transparently and efficiently by means of this module.

Standardize and streamline the management of environmental incidents from the initial reporting to conducting the root cause analysis, initiating the necessary actions to incident closure.

Standardize the process of (hazardous) waste collection, storage/labelling and disposal within your organization.

This functionality allows you to make a clear inventory of hazardous substances and link this data directly to your risk analysis of chemical agents. Based on the data in the inventory, the Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) are also generated automatically.