Human resources

Human resources

Our comprehensive HR module addresses every facet of the human resources process.

How many files do you need to open to find out when your staff members were employed? When was his/hers last medical examination and when or where did he/she follow their last training? Where is the report of his/her last assessment?
By using the HR module, you store and manage all relevant data of your employees in one place. You simply follow their evolution and employ them more efficiently.


Save time, money and resources by consolidating all employee data and activities in one place. Maintain and manage e.g. personal data, performance appraisals, mandatory certificates and qualifications, contracts and much more one central, web-based location.

New function? Modified job description? The HR module updates the content but also saves and compares all previous versions … makes it easy for you! This gives you insight into the evolution of your employee profiles.

A powerful tool for measuring, tracking and improving competencies of your employees, providing instant insights into your employees’ competency levels, where the skill gaps are and how they can be fixed.

Managing your employee training has never been easier! Automate all your training related processes with this module needed to easily schedule, track and report on your employee training data.

  •  Centralize employee training records and related competency an qualifications.
  •  Get notified automatically for upcoming and overdue trainings.
  •  View training metrics instantly on reports and personalised dashboards.

Simplify your appraisal process by use of our customizable performance assessment tool.

Simplify your employee onboarding process so new employees get introduced to their new jobs quickly and smoothly so they can function effectively within no time.