Efficiently collaborate with vendors, suppliers and contractors, in a secure, online environment.

How are prices of raw materials and consumables evolving? How are your service costs evolving? What is the delivery performance of your suppliers? With the module ‘Purchase’ you manage all your data from your suppliers, automatically and flawlessly.


Save time, money and resources by consolidating all supplier data and activities in one place. Maintain and manage e.g. contact info, performance ratings, mandatory certificates and qualifications, NCRs, CARs, contracts and much more.

Damage, late delivery, nonconforming product or service, … You register complaints about nonconformances of your suppliers. By use of an online form (send out to the supplier), the supplier fills out directly the root cause analysis and corrective actions, supported by evidence if required. The assigned responsible follows-up and monitors further the processing of the complaint.

How do you keep an overview of your external providers? With which system and according to which criteria do you measure their performance? Phronesys allows you to set up an assessment system tailored to your suppliers. You determine which criteria you use for which group of suppliers. You also determine which criterion should be assessed by which employee. Through a notification system, employees are invited to assess the assigned suppliers.

For certain certifications, your business is required to ensure that your suppliers have the necessary certificates (ISO, BRC, IFS, …, VCA). Managing the certifications of your suppliers often can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

With Phronesys your suppliers can maintain their certificates themselves. This ensures that they are updated, and that your supplier is automatically reminded to upload an updated version when the old certificate expires.

With our extensive order module you can manage your orders with your suppliers and keep track of your stock. This functionality is linked to invoicing.

Customers who speak a different language? All communication is automatically in your customer’s native tongue and is traceable at all times.