Safety isn’t simply measuring and monitoring numbers, it’s about changing day-to-day behavior and safety awareness in your organization.

Achieve greater visibility into your organization’s safety performance and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and international standards such as ISO 30001, ISO 45001, …


Identify and assess risk by using self defined methodologies (risk matrix, Fine & Kinney, …). Assign and prioritize corrective measures and track their completion. Through settings you determine which risk levels you use and which factors you take into account. This functionality allows you to perform various risk analyses: global risk analyses, task risk analyses, risk analysis fire and also a risk analysis chemical agents.

Empower your employees to capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents (including injuries), near-misses and/or property damage.

Incident data can be entered from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone). No more collecting data on paper. All information is stored in a single place accessible by anyone with the appropriate permissions.

Automated notifications based on roles ensure that those who need to know about an incident are immediately informed. Incomplete tasks result in escalating notifications to ensure appropriate personnel are made aware when an incident isn’t being handled as expected. If there is an incident linked to a risk, the system will automatically ask you to reassess that specific risk.

Trend incident data across locations or business units and implement the necessary corrective actions.

By means of this feature you can prepare and document reports for asset commissioning

By means of this feature you can prepare and manage your Global Prevention Plan and your Annual Action Plan.

This function allows you to manage the allocation of personal protective equipment, and monitor the stock. You can also check and follow up on allocations of PPE to employees.

Create automatically safety instruction cards for installations, machines, tools…

PDSs are data sheets intended to provide essential safety and health information on chemicals in a clear and concise way.

PDSs follow a fixed format which is designed to give a consistent presentation of the necessary information, and is sufficiently concise to be printed onto two sides of a sheet of paper; an important consideration to allow easy use in the workplace.

Manage your personal protective equipment and collective protective equipment including a stock management system with notifications

Easily build toolboxes and register instructors, participants and moments when the toolbox is given. Participants can digitally sign off to confirm their presence.