Task management

Task management

Create, assign and prioritize tasks and/or events. Then monitor execution and completion.

Quickly organize tasks and events into one easy-to-use tool. You can assign priorities so that no one needs to stare at lists of tasks figuring out what`s next.

Keep things simple for your entire team. And when stuff gets complicated, Phronesys handles that too !


Assign tasks to responsible staff (e.g. for conducting a root cause analysis as a result of a customer complaint, incident, …) and set priorities. Responsible staff are notified via e-mail and are requested to implement the necessary (corrective) actions before agreed due dates.

Plan (reciprocal) events quickly and easily. Take care of all registered tasks here. There is also space for notes so that everything remains clear.

Schedule and assign employees to a task or (team) event using the drag and drop calendar. In addition you can link these tasks and events to customers or suppliers.