What do our customers say about us?

Phronesys is currently used in numerous industries, most likely including yours! Would you like to exchange thoughts on how Phronesys can provide added value within your industry and company? Our business managers will gladly take the time to share some references with you! Get in touch.

Henco Industries

Herentals | Pipes & Fittings

“In Phronesys we have a partner who thinks with us! For instance, Phronesys developed an app for us to register measurements and other checks by scanning QR codes rather than using paper checklists. Transparency and efficiency guaranteed!” 

Hans De Booser, continuous improvement manager

Logo customer Van Ende & Roxy
Van Ende & Roxy

Herentals | Industrial laundry services

“The use of Phronesys’ efficient, high-quality and audit-proof software ensures that we can focus optimally on our core business. No more unnecessary paperwork!”

Raf Eyckmans, operations manager

Logo customer Syntra
Syntra AB

Antwerpen | Training & advice

“By having all the necessary safety, health, environmental and quality data accessible in one place, we can confidently work towards our ISO audits.” 

Peter Aerts, CEO