Food safety

Manage quality and safety in the food industry

Food safety is an essential element in many food companies, both in terms of customer requirements and legislation. Thorough digitization avoids administrative frustrations and also ensures transparency and traceability within your organization.

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Guarantee efficient hygiene inspections

Phronesys ensures that you have access to your hygiene checklists anytime, anywhere. Hygiene inspections are carried out by your employees according with our app, adapted to your organization with attention to specific points of concern.

The results are directly available for the HACCP-team so they can immediately start analyzing and adjusting for the identified opportunities for improvement or non-conformities. Ensure further follow-up via clear reports and overviews that the system generates for you.

Optimal incident management

Thanks to our user-friendly app, you increase the involvement of your employees in the reporting, follow-up and handling of incidents related to food safety such as broken glass, contamination, the presence of harmful bacteria etc. With just one push of a button, you can report an incident and create follow-up actions.

Via digital toolbox meetings and lessons learned you can inform the various parties (HACCP-team, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) but also raise awareness to prevent such incidents in the future.

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Manage all the hazards in your chain

Map out your entire process and manage all hazards, measures and the various action points. From critical control points (CCP) and decision trees to contamination, evaluation and measure types; with our application you always ensure optimal monitoring of your actions and objectives. This ensures that all steps of your food chain are in compliance with HACCP, ISO-22000, BRC, IFS, etc.

Ensure accurate product information

Identify product specifications such as nutritional values, ingredients and allergens, register related products and determine which personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn when processing specific products.

With our automated version management, you can always guarantee control over publications.

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