a safe workplace free of worries

Do you also dream of an accident-free workplace, where incidents and even unsafe situations and near misses are consequently reported?

Turn this dream into reality! By using one integrated system, you can improve all safety aspects within your organization and create maximum involvement with all employees. This allows you to stay in control of your entire safety system at all times.

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Organize digital toolbox meetings

Download the required digital toolbox (e-learning) from our Phronesys library and customize it to the specific needs within your organization. Participants can easily confirm their attendance with a digital signature. Always maintain a clear and concise overview of the participants in a specific toolbox with the automatic attendance list and charts.

If desired, you can expand the toolbox with a knowledge test to ensure that all participants apply the necessary information to their daily tasks.

Manage incidents

The mobile app provides an accessible way to immediately report unsafe situations, accidents and incidents at any workplace. With just one push of a button, you report an incident and attach images.

The second an employee reports an incident, supervisors and the safety officer are immediately notified thanks to the automated notification system – if desired. Determine immediate actions, perform root cause analyses and revisit the risk analyses – as part of the DRBS (dynamic risk management system) – so that they are always up-to-date.

Maintain an overview at all times with automatic graphs based on all reported incidents – such as Heinrich’s pyramid / the safety pyramid, the total number of reports per month, the frequency level, the severity level, etc.

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Optimize risk assessment

By using one integrated system, you can thoroughly optimize all current risk assessments (RA) within your organization. Easily ensure time-efficient documentation and periodic review for each process, workplace, activity and installation.

The preparation, implementation and follow-up of all global risk analyses (GRA), task risk analyses (TRA), risk analyses fire (RA fire) and risk analyses chemical agents (RACA) become child’s play for all parties involved. Ensure that even last-minute risk analyses (LMRA) are carried out correctly thanks to the app which is always within reach.

Create and manage your global prevention plans (GPP) and a yearly action plans (YAP) easily based on the data and reports within your system. The structured workflow ensures concrete execution and follow-up. 

Time-efficient management of your assets

The straightforward stock management system ensures time-efficient management of personal protective equipment (PPE), electronic tools, ladders, forklifts, etc. Automatic notifications guarantee that you always have the necessary inventory.

The automated monitoring of work equipment ensures a constantly up-to-date overview, from commissioning to replacement. By defining a number of parameters, preventive maintenance is scheduled automatically. The integrated maintenance management ensures a substantial decrease in your maintenance costs, without ever losing sight of safety! Based on the maintenance report, you can quickly and easily create work orders. When the deadline for a work order approaches, the people responsible are automatically notified.

Did one of your employees notice a malfunction or defect of an asset? With our app, you easily select the asset by name, location or by scanning a QR code, and directly request work orders from the workplace – supported with images.

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Auto-create Safety Instruction Cards
& Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

There is nothing more important than employees who are informed of the risks involved when carrying out their daily tasks. Through the automatic creation of safety instruction cards for all your installations, machines and tools, you continuously guarantee a safe situation on the work floor.

Do you work with chemical substances in your company? Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are always kept up-to-date and provide all your employees with the essential health and safety information.

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