Information security

Prepare today
for tomorrow's surprises

Information security

Prepare today
for tomorrow's surprises

Your entire data landscape in one overview

Carefully map out which departments keep what personal data, where it came from and with whom you shared it. In doing so, easily record all mandatory processing, processor agreements, legal grounds, retention periods, systems and personal data in a processing register. A complete register gives you insight into where the risks lie in your organization regarding the processing of (special) personal data.

✔ Processing register

Immediately identify issues

Gain insight into the risks surrounding data processing by conducting regular inspections and internal audits. Via our APP your employees easily report possible risks on the spot, whether or not supported by a few photos. Reported deviations are directly available to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) so that immediate analysis and adjustments can be made.

✔ Inspections and internal audits

✔ Findings

Privacy incidents and data breaches

With just the push of a button, you report a data breach or privacy incident and add supporting images. Determine immediate actions, perform root cause analysis and link back to the risk assessments so that they are always up to date. 

✔ Incident reporting, analysis and follow-up

✔ Data breach register

Increase workplace engagement and knowledge

Insure with the comprehensive document management that your employees always have access to the internal data policies and other procedures related to information security. Organize training and toolbox meetings to ensure employees are aware of information security policies and their role in them.

✔ Training and toolbox meetings

✔ Internal data policies and procedures

Smooth follow-up and monitoring

Since you capture everything in one tool, you have a complete and real-time overview of information security in your organization, from data processing to data breach. Reduce the risk of recurrence by planning corrective actions and tracking their effectiveness.

✔ Corrective actions

✔ Automatic reports

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