Human resources

Human resources

Oversight and engagement
of all your employees

Oversight and engagement of all your employees

All employee data stored in one place

Keep track of all necessary documents at all times via your employees' digital file: personal info, qualifications, performance reviews, medical examinations, training courses taken, certificates, ... Save time with downloadable job descriptions and the automatic organizational chart based on the hierarchical line. 

✔ Digital employee file

✔ Organization chart

All your certificates in your pocket

Did you attend a training course and earn a certificate? Upload the certificate and enter the required details (training taken, issuer, expiration date...). Your certificates are immediately accessible anywhere via the APP. As a team leader, maintain an overview of your team's certificates and easily check which team members have valid certificates for specific tasks. The system automatically notifies you when certificates are about to expire.

✔ Personal certificates

✔ Certificates from your team

Centralize all training data

Register courses, link them to competencies to be achieved, and send out exams that are automatically graded. Using the competency matrix, you can see your employees and their competencies at a glance.

✔ Trainings

✔ Competence matrix

Valuable performance reviews

Evaluate the performance of your employees and executives in a time-efficient way via helpful checklists. Always maintain a clear overview of progress and results, which are also linked to this employee's competency management. After the interview, the tool automatically prepares a report of the assessment.

✔ Appraisal and performance reviews

✔ Automatic report

Efficient onboarding and offboarding

With the optimized onboarding process, you ensure a flawless introduction of new employees. Everyone always receives the policy statement, is assigned personal protective equipment (PPE) and all necessary training is scheduled. In addition, have the new employee complete a knowledge test that automatically updates the competency management.

Ensure that all the steps of the offboarding process are completed, such as holding an exit interview or keeping documentation in order, and enjoy the automatic scan that shows you all the things that this employee is still responsible for. This way, you can immediately see their open tasks, assigned company assets, files they are document owner of, etc.

✔ Onboarding process

✔ Offboarding process

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