Striving for a better
and sustainable future

Striving for a better and sustainable future

Phronesys dashboard


Striving for a better
and sustainable future

Phronesys dashboard

Manage your environmental impact analysis (EIA)

Get a clear and transparent overview of the environmental aspects and impacts of your business, ranging from the starting point of your production process (raw materials, energy,...) to the end point (product, waste, emissions, odor...). Define environmental objectives and immediately assign areas of concern to different teams within your organization to ensure your environmental objectives are always effectively tackled.

✔ Environmental objectives

✔ Environmental aspects analysis (EIA)

Environmental reports

Easily report environmental incidents through our APP, and register (external) environmental complaints in a transparent and efficient manner. Via digital toolbox meetings and lessons learned to inform the various parties (employees, suppliers, subcontractors...) to prevent similar incidents in the future.

✔ Environmental incidents

✔ Environmental complaints

✔ Toolbox meetings and lessons learned

Standardize waste management

Collection, registration, storage and final disposal are all carried out through an automated and standardized process. A clear report always gives you the latest status.

✔ Waste register

✔ Manage receipts, identification forms and invoices

Management of hazardous materials (SDS)

Using identification data and properties, you can, among other things, map health risks and ensure chemical agent risk assessments are always performed at the right time. Download the required safety data sheets (SDS) from the Phronesys library.

✔ Inventory of hazardous substances

✔ Chemical agent risk assessments 

✔ Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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