CRM management

CRM management

Maintain good relationships with
suppliers and customers

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Manage all data of your suppliers and contractors within our organized tool; evaluate deliverables/services, resolve supplier complaints with the use of online forms, and automatically track the validity of certificates. This way you are always assured of a good (and safe!) collaboration.

✔ Supplier reviews

✔ Complaints to suppliers

✔ Supplier certificates


Centralize data of your suspects, prospects and customers and quickly anticipate any interesting opportunities, as well as questions or possible issues. Manage the entire sales process from request to billing, ensure smooth handling of customer complaints, and send out customer satisfaction surveys.

✔ Customer files

✔ Customer complaints

✔ Customer satisfaction surveys

Clear project plans

No more need for overflowing site folders and paperwork that gets lost; With our optimized workflow, you easily create (HSE) project plans. Link the related personal protective equipment (PPE), hazard symbols, emergency plans, assets, task risk analyses (TRA)... Register clients, principal and subcontractors, ensuring that all parties involved can access the project plan with just one click.

✔ (HSE) project plans

✔ Link registrations, resources, procedures ... 


Foreign-speaking suppliers, employees or customers? All communication is automatically conducted in their preferred language! This communication is stored and traceable at all times.

✔ Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish

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