Access documented information
anytime and anywhere

man looking through files

Automate the creation of essential documents

Create your document and the software will automatically add metadata such as publication date, expiration date, version... The extensive search functionality provides a quick overview of your documents and prevents certain documents from not being updated because they are got lost somewhere on a shared drive or server. Thanks to the automated version control, you always keep control of publications.

✔ Automatic metadata

✔ Automated version control with notifications

Manage confidential documents

Determine which employees have access to which set of documents. This way you avoid documents (often containing critical business information) circulating freely within your organization. Through the approval flow, you always ensure that documents can only be published if they have been approved by an authorized person.

✔ Extensive access control

✔ Approval workflow

Optimize processes

Manage your processes using "Turtle Diagrams" and visualize the interactions between processes using an overarching process model. This makes explaining a process to a new employee child's play!

✔ Turtle diagrams

✔ Process Model

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