Human resources

overview and involvement of all your employees

Optimal management of your human capital using our complete HR module.

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Maintain an overview of employee data

Always maintain an overview of all necessary documents with digital files on your employees: personal information, qualifications, performance reviews, medical examinations, attended trainings, certificates…

The software automatically creates an organizational chart based on hierarchy and keeps it up to date. 

Save time with ready-to-use job descriptions that you can customize for your organization.

Manage personal certificates

With our app, you can consult the certificates of your team – even on site – and immediately check which team members have a valid certificate for specific tasks. This means you always know which of your employees have valid qualifications.

Are the certificates of your employees (almost) expired? The software will notify you automatically so you can take the appropriate action in time.

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Centralize all training data

Register training moments, link them to competences to be achieved and send out exams that are automatically marked.

Via the competency matrix, you can see your employees and their competencies at a single glance.

Valuable performance reviews

Our practical checklists facilitate a time-efficient way to assess the performance of your employees and managers. This allows you to hold assessment and performance reviews that both parties look back on with a satisfied feeling.

Always maintain a clear overview of progress and results – which are also linked to the employee’s competency management. After the interview, the software automatically draws up an assessment report.

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efficient onboarding and offboarding

With the optimized onboarding process, you ensure a flawless introduction of new employees. Everyone always receives the policy statement, is assigned personal protective equipment (PPE) and all necessary training is scheduled. In addition, have the new employee complete a knowledge test that automatically updates the competency management.

Ensure that all the steps of the offboarding process are completed, such as holding an exit interview or keeping documentation in order, and enjoy the automatic scan that shows you all the things that this employee is still responsible for. This way, you can immediately see their open tasks, assigned company assets, files they are document owner of…

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